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With Intention and Meaning: All About Our Logo

By November 14, 2023February 6th, 2024No Comments
National Disability Center for Student Success

At the National Disability Center, everything is done with intention and meaning — and our logo is no different.

Its design inspiration? Our approach to be actionable, open, and community-focused.

For some people, our logo embodies a person with open and welcoming arms. For others, it’s a sun rising between hills, representing grounding, stability, and a new day.

For us, it is a symbol of inclusion, equity, and collaboration.

What does it mean to you?

[Logo design by Emily Egan. Image description: The logo’s base is a thick dark blue line that loops in a circle in the middle and curves down and upward at each end. Above the line are four dark green spear-shaped leaves arranged in an arc over the loop.]