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The CDC estimates over 4 million college students have a disability. But the actionable research foundation to support their success in higher education doesn’t exist — until now.

Our Goals

01. Establish

a research foundation of disabled student experiences and success

02. Cultivate

a greater understanding of disabled people by all campus stakeholders

03. Collaborate

on a student-centered model focused on access and equity

04. Create

actionable strategies to boost enrollment, inclusion, and completion

Defining Disability

Disability is a broad and wide-ranging part of our lives. Some people are born with a disability; others acquire one or more during their lifetime — such as needing crutches for a broken leg or having a mental health crisis.

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Free and open to all, these townhalls will bring together students, faculty, administrators, and researchers to discuss critical topics, understand study findings, and get a pulse on what is happening across the nation.

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