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Now Hiring: Digital Marketing Manager

By February 5, 2024No Comments

The National Disability Center for Student Success is thrilled to take the next step in its growth by hiring a Digital Marketing Manager to join the communications team. 

“This person will play a critical role in our outreach and work closely with our Leadership Team, Student Fellows, Faculty Cadre, and Communications Network,” said Executive Director Dr. Stephanie Cawthon. “It’s an ideal position for anybody who has expertise in digital marketing and a passion for communicating with diverse and disabled audiences.” 

Their primary responsibility will be to manage all digital communications, including the National Disability Center’s website, newsfeed, social media, email newsletters, and online resources. 

The position is posted on The University of Texas at Austin’s jobs portal: 

The Digital Marketing Manager will report to Director of Communications Tracey Bradnan. A hiring committee led by Bradnan will review applications, interview top candidates, and make an offer by March 29.